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Children's Toys


Children's Toys - Antique to Modern

Cast Iron Train
Aracade Stake Truck
A.C. Williams State Truck
Bing Ocean Liner
Pickwick Glider Swing
Golden Pecking Goose
Pressed Steel Tonka Truck
Ertl Farm Trailer
ASK Military Jeep
Mamod Steam Engine
Gilbert Erector Set
Breyer Plastic Horse
Soldier and Indian
Teenage Ninja Turtles



Toys have been a part of chilren's lives since the beginning of time and they never completely lose their appeal as they are a part of the child in all of us whether it be a "real as life" truck, train, doll, bear, or boat.

The first toys were hand made but with the industrial revolution toys were made out of cast iron, pressed steel, tin, lead, glass, and finally plastic.

Early toys were imported from Germany, England and then from China and Japan. The number of toys became endless with one toy collector's guide indicating that they listed some 22,000 different toys.

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