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Breyer Plastic Horses

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Quarter Horse Stallion

Quarter Horse Mare

Running matt bay stallion Grazing matt bay mare  
CT-18 Running matt bay stallion - length 9" height - 6 1/2" (Repaired back leg) - $30 (Enlarge)
CT-19 Grazing matt bay mare length - 7" height - 5" $60 (Enlarge)

Quarter Horse Foal

-Prancing matt bay          

Breyer collecting seems to have grown in popularity in recent years and although this company makes dogs, cats, and farm animals, horses have dominated the market. This company has been in production since 1950, and all its animals are strikingly beautiful and lifelike in both modeling and color. Since 1968 a matt finish has been used on most horses as pictured above.

CT-20-Prancing matt bay foal - length 4 /2 "- height 3 3/4" - $50. (Enlarge)
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