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Very Old Dolls

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Very Old Dolls - Doll #6 and #7

Antique doll  Image Antique Doll Image

Doll #6 - $650


This baby doll was made by J.D. Kestner and is marked JDK. The doll has a solid dome bisque head, and open-close mouth, Intaglio eyes, and a bent limb baby body. There is a scruffy quality on the lower torso otherwise she is in excellent condition. She is wearing antique clothing.

Doll #6 - $650 (Enlarge)
Doll #6 - $650 (Enlarge)

Doll #7 - $175

This composition doll is 12" and has a compositional head with painted features. The doll is dressed as an Indian with the clothes made of felt. The doll has a papoose and a nice black wig over a painted head. A tag on the doll reads Madame Hendren 1916; the doll is in nice condition, with one small crazeline on the face. Georgine Averill was the designer of the doll.

Indian Doll Image Indian Doll Image without Wig
Doll #7 - $175 (Enlarge)
Doll #7 - $175 (Enlarge) - Collectibles, Old and New
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