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Very Old Dolls - See Inventory

See Doll Inventory
Bed Doll - #2
China Doll - #4
China Doll - #5
Happy Fats Boy - #9
Happy Fats Girl - #8
Hendren, Madame - #7
Heudren, Ernst - #3
Horsman Doll Co. - #8
Kestner, J.D. - #1
Kestner, J.D. - #6

Made from a wide variety of materials, dolls have always been favorite of the young and the young at heart. Most of the early dolls came from France or Germany. The majority of dolls in this collection are from Europe.

Johanne Daniel Kestner was a German doll maker who began making bisque dolls in 1802 and his anme is carried on through the 1920's. The kestneer company was one of the few that made entire dolls, both body and heads. The first very old doll in my collection is Kestner doll. A second Kestner doll is a child doll that is marked but has no number. Kestner made child dolls from 1880 until 1930.

Doll number two is also from Germany and was often used as a decoration as well as a toy. She is known as a "boudoir" (bed) and somtimes is called a "Flapper" doll and was popular inthe 1920's.

Earnst Heuback began making dolls in 1887 in Koppeldorf, Germany. Doll number 3 is a Heuback doll.

The "Happyfats" boy and girl dolls are products of Germany as well as the two china head "sister" dolls. Almost all china heads were made between 1840 and 1900. Most have black wavy hair.

Doll number 7 is dressed as a native American and was produced by Madam Hendren in 1916.

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