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Bells, Schwid Birds and Pillsbury Candle Holder

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Pilgrim Glass Bell


Amber Glass Bell

VG44 Pilgrim Bell

VG 45 Amber Bell

VG44 -(at left) This pilgrim glass bell is 7 1/2 " x 4 Inches with a clear glass handle. It is in mint condition $20. (enlarge)
VG45 -(at right) Amber from dark to light with a clear spiraled handle is this bell. $20. (enlarge)

Schwid Decorator Birds

Pillsbury Candle Holder

VG46 White Doves VG47 Candle Holder
VG46 Pair of blue and white doves made in Italy by Schwid Brothers- It is 1/2" high and has a 6" base $25 (enlarge)
VG47 Small clear glass pattern candle holder for a single candle has a two piece chimney. It was made by Pillsbury - $25. (enlarge)
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