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Fine China from England

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English Furnivals Pitcher


VG79R Mecca Mark

VG78L This 6 1/2 in white porcelain pitcher has colored flowers and is in mint condition. $30 (enlarge)
VG79R (bottom view) the trademark of this English china vase has the word "mecca" in the center of the trademark. (enlarge)

Souvenir Fargo China Plate

VG80 Fargo Plate   VG81  Fargo Plate Trademark
VG80L This blue and white souvenir plate shows important buildings in Fargo, North Dakota $25, (enlarge)
VG81R the back of the Fargo Souvenir plate indicates the plate was made in England. It is 8 inches in diameter.

Porcelus China Teapot

Teleflora Goft Teapot

VG82 Poaracelus Teapot VG83 - Teleflora Teapot
VG82 - This white and blue teapot is marked made in Great Britian. 7 1/2/in tall -$30 (enlarge)
VG83 Teleflora Goft is the name of the apple shaped teapot with pink apple and green leaves. $20 (enlarge)
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