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Glasses for all Occasions


Cobalt Liqueur Glasses
Etched Liqueur Glasses
Machine Cut Liqueur Glasses
Gold Rim Liqueur Glasses
Gold Harvest Liqueur Glasses
Red Stemmed Liqueur Glasses
German Wine Tasting Glasses
Wheel Cut Wine Glasses
Fostoria Wine Glasses
Optic Coin Wine Glasses
Wheel Design Wine Glasses
Amber Stemmed Sherbets
Clear Glass Stemmed Sherbets
Optic Coin Sherbets
Clear Swirl Pattern Sherbets
Green and Gold Beer Glasses


"Glasses for all occasions" is a fitting title for this section on glasses since it features many of the types of glasses that are available. We have listed only liqueur, wine, sherbet and beer glasses. There are also gobblets, juice glasses, cordials, champaign, whiskey, tumblers and much more.

Some believe that wine and beer taste better when drank directly from the bottle, but most believe the glasses add a great deal to the taste of the drink. Even the cheaper brands seem to gain flavor when served from a beautiful glass.

During the days when probation laws made it impossible to legally buy liquor many glass companies did not make wine or beer glasses so the glasses from this period are more difficult to find.

Many of the glasses on the next pages date from the depression years, but some are earlier. Almost all of the glass companies made a wide variety of quality glasses in crystal and in many colors. We hope that you will find just the right glasses from our "Keepie" selections to add to your collection.

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