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The World of Vintage Glass

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Amber Glass
Amethyst Bowl
Austrian and German China
Bells, Birds and Candle Holder
Chinese and Japanese China
Depression Glassware
English China
Liqueur, Wine, Sherbet and Beer Glasses
Salt & Pepper Shakers
Modern Glass
Pattern Glass
Paper Weight
Toothpick Holders

The World of Vintage Glass


Remember when the whole family gathered around the dining room table at Thanksgiving or Christmas time and the grandparents set the table with china from England or Germany. There could have been pattern glass serving dishes and crystal goblets , wine glasses and even cut glass salt and pepper shakers.

When we try to re-create the good old days with our families we often use the same dishes that we inherited or that we purchased because they remind us of those earlier days.

Depression glass dishes often replaced the china as pieces were sold or broken and the new era of elegant glass began.

Then there are the imports from Japan and china - dragon tea pots along with cups and saucers and much more.

The list of beautiful glass is endless. We invite you to look into the next pages for some of the glass that will call you back into the world of vintage glass.

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