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Beaded Picture Frames

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1908 Beaded Frame


Brown Beaded Frame

Beaded Frame 1909

 Beaded Frame Image

H13- White, green and crystal beads are used on this 1908 beaded frame. It is 11" tall and 8 1/2" wide. It is in good condition. $50. (enlarge)
H14 Brown and turquoise beads decorate this beaded frame from the 1900's. It is 8" by10 1/2/''. Some beads need restringing. $40. (enlarge)

Embroidered Spices Framed

Shadow Box Picture Frame

Composition Wall  Frames  
H15-(left) Four frames with glass are covering embroidered spices.The frames are 5" high and 4" wide. $20 for the set (enlarge)
  Round Brass Frames Image
H16- This shadow Box frame is 17" high and 15" wide composition molded over wood and painted gold. It has a "Hummel " picture in it. $45. (enlarge)

Composition Wall Plaques

Round Brass Frames

Fruit Plaques Image Round Gold Frames Image
H17 - Pears and Plums are the subject of these two composition wall hangings. They are about 5" X 5". $20, (enlarge)
H18- Vintage automobiles are featured in these round brass 5 inch in diameter frames. $20. (enlarge)

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