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School Clock, Doll Crib & China Cabinet

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Seth Thomas School Clock


Wooden Doll Crib

Seth Thomas School Clock Image

Crib Image

H29- Seth Thomas Clock Works of Bristol, Connecticut made this vintage school clock which is about 14" in diameter. $250. (enlarge)
H30- Dolls were well at home in this walnut colored crib which is 10 " tall and has a base of 9 X 16". $65 (enlarge)

Child's China Cabinet

Child's Red Rocker

China Cabinet Image Red Rocker image
H31- (left)This walnut finish child's china cabinet has rounded plexy glass and is 22" high and 7" deep. It has two shelves.$175 (enlarge)
H32 (right) The child's red rocker is a vintage piece that has been well used. It is 23" high with a 12 X 12" seat. $55. (enlarge)

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