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Jerusalem Scenes

Hand Carved Statue

H34 Jerusalem scenes
H36 (left) Wall plaque from Jerusalem showing scenes from the city. It is 5" wide and 10" tall and is in mint condition. $30. (enlarge)
H35 Crucifixion  
H37-(right)Hand carved statue of the crucifixion of Jesus in natural wood. It was purchased in Bethlehem. $40. (enlarge)

Wall Plaques From Israel


Doorpost Hanger Oil Lamp

H36 Wall Plaques     H35 Commandment Holder
H38- These black and multi colored wall plaques are 5" X 5" and show collected scenes of Jerusalem. $30 for the pair (enlarge)
H39 A doorpost hanger containing a copy of the ten commandments and a small oil lamp were items made to remind Jews of their heritage. $20 for the pair. (enlarge)

Israel Head Gear


Coin Reproduction

H38 Head Gear       H39 Coin Repoduction
H40-This is the type of headgear that is worn in the desert by the people of Israel. $15, (enlarge)
H41 - Reproducted coins of ancient Israel are encased in this plastic container along with descriptions of each. $25. (enlarge)

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