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Tiffany Type Lamp


Rayo Lamp Base

H1- Tiffany1
H1-(left) This vintage lamp dates to the early 1900's and has an original base. The new glass shade has been made to match. $400 (enlarge)

H2 Lamp Base

H2 (right) The Tiffany type kerosine lamp has a brass insert made by Rayo Lamp Company. (enlarge)



Lamp With Chimney

Milk Glass Lamp

H3 Tiffany 2
H3 -(left) This view of the same lamp shows the base without the new shade. The lamp has the tall glass chimney.(enlarge)
M4 -Milk Glass Lamp
H4 - Painted blue flowers and a gold painted iron base make up this vintage milk glass lamp with its new glass chimney. $75 (enlarge)

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