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Amber Ash Tray


Wine Corkscrews

H19 Amber ash tray

H20 Wine Corkscrews

H19- A minature amber coal bucket serves as an ash tray. It is 2" tall and has 1 3/4' base. $25. (enlarge)
H20- (left ) Brass wood handled (right) Mexican (bottom) burled wood handle corkscrews - $30 for four (enlarge).

Coors Beer Ashtray

Five Beer Openers

H21 CoorsAsh Tray      
H22- (from top to bottom) Stag, Hamms, Grain Belt, Coors and Schaefer Beer openers. $15. for set of five. (enlarge)
H21- White pottery Coors Beer Ashtray with red lettering - 6" in diameter. $15. (enlarge)

German Wine cups

H23 Wine Cups H24 German Trademark
H23 - (Side view) Dark blue and gray with grapes decorate these wine cups which are 4 1/2" high. $20 (enlarge)
H24(right) The bottom view of the wine cups from west Germany with the trademark. (enlarge)

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