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Steiff Stuffed Animals


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Steiff Stuffed Animals



Disneyland Convention Bear 1992 - First Edition
Original Teddy White Collectors Edition of Steiff Bears
Mollie Bernie -Left View
Mollie Bernie - Right view



Teddy bears are treasured wherever they are to be found, whether in shops, or private collections or museums. Steiff, world renowned as the oldest and largest stuffed toy manufacturer, is also recognized as the originator of the most beloved stuffed toy of all time, "the Teddy Bear".

It is the German town of Giengen an der Brenz that the Margaret Steiff Company, the world's largest stuffed toy manufacturer is headquartered. Margaret Steiff was born in 1847. At the age of two she fell ill with polio which weakened her legs and right hand. As a young lady she learned sewing so she could be independent and able to earn her own living. It was in 1880 that she turned from making women's and children's dresses and began making small animal pincushions.

The Steiff Teddy bears, perhaps the fovorite of collectors, are characterized by their long thin arms with curved wrists and paws that extend below their hips. In 1897 the trademark for her toys was a paper label printed with an elephant, next her toys carried a circular tag with an elephant logo, and today they carry the famous 'button in ear' which was registered in 1904.

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