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Margaret Steiff, born in Germany in 1847, was the first to make any kind of stuffed animal. She used scaps of wool from her dressmaking busienss to make small animal pin cushions.

In the early times of stuffed toy making, the toys were usually made of plush or burlap. The mouths and noses of the animals were hand-embroidered. The foot and paw pads were usually made of felt and the stuffings were wood-wool and kapok. Wood-wool consisted of fine wood shavings also known as straw.

ST#1 Black Bear

Black Bear


This very old black bear does not have a tag telling us who made him, or the approximate period in whcih he was made. However, he appears to be straw stuffed and covered with mohair. His snout is brown velveteen and his nose is probably molded gutta-percha. He has glass eyes. His chain leash is attached to a red plastic collar, and he is in excellent condition. This bear is 8 inches tall and approximately 12 inches long.

ST#1 - Black Bear- $45. (enlarge)


ST#1- Squirrel

This squirrel has no identifying tags giving any information as to his origin. We can only tell that he is very old. This toy which is straw stuffed has a two-tone tan outer shall, glass eyes, embroidered nose, felt ears and a long, bushy, very soft tail, and he is holding a very old peanut. He is 7 inches tall and 12 inches to the tip of his tail. He is in good condition.

ST#2 Squirrel -$45. (enlarge)
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