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Limited Edition Christmas Plates

Bing and Grondahl
Franklin Mint







According to tradition it must have been a Danish servant who was responsible for the creation of Christmas plates since the origin of the Christmas plate is an old Danish tradition.

It seems that at Christmas time, weathly people gave their servants plates that were heaped with goodies including cookies, cakes and breads. After they were eaten, the plates were placed in a dish rack on the wall and served as a decoration. Some were hung on the wall or placed on the fireplace mantle.

The first Christmas plate from a porcelain factory was introduced in 1895. As the years passed the idea was taken up by several other factories. Included in our collection you will find limited edition Christmas plates by Bing and Grondahl, Frankoma, Fenton, Franklin Mint, Imperial, Porsgrund and Wedgewood. Many of the plates are first editions and as such are especially valuable and collectible.

Each porcelain company makes only a certain number of plates each year and then breaks the mold and retires the pattern. It never again produces the same pattern or year's selection so the individual plates become one of a kind. Each plate features some aspect of the Christmas celebration with either sacred or secular scenes.


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