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Limited Edition Mother's Day Plates


Bing and Grondahl

1969- Spaniel and Pups
1970- Hen and Chicks
1971- Cat and Kittens
1972- Mare and Foal
1973- Duck and Ducklings
1974- Bear and Cubs
1975- Doe and Fawn
1977 -Squirrel and Young
1978 Goose and Goslings
1979 Fox and Cubs
Bareuther Mothers Day







Mother's Day plates became popular collector items in 1969 when the Bing and Grondahl company of Denmark began producting its special series of plates featuring mother animals, birds and their young. The first edition plate pictured a cocker spaniel with her pups. In the years that followed other birds and animals were shown. In the following pages we will offer you several of these early plates, even the first issue of the new production. Bareuther, a porcelain company from Bavaria, also began making mother's day plates about this time, but featured people instead of animals in their production. We have only one of these plates left in our collection.

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