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Native American Baskets for Sale

The Papago Indians have four reservations. The San Xavier Reservation near Tucson is famous for the historical San Xavier Mission, often called, the "White Dove of the Desert." The Gilla Bend Reservation is located near the town of Gilla Bend, the Ak-Chin Reservation lies adjacent to the community of Maricopa, and the largest reservation, Main (Sells) rests on the United States/Mexican border amid the stands of giant Saguaro cactus. This reservation is neare the Saguaro National Park in southern Arizona.

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NAB-1 $48.00
NAB-2 $55.00

Although cattle, agriculture, and copper mines constitute a large part of the Papago economy, the Papago women weave more basets than any other tribe in the country.

NAB - 1 Basket with cover: this 6" round, 4" high basket with cover was hand make by a Papago woman form the Main Reservation in Southern Arizona. It was purchased in March of 1988 outside the reservation gift shop at Quijotoa, Arizonia. (As we were coming from the gift shop the artisan was coming to the gift shop to sell what she had just finished. We were fortunate to be able to buy directly from the one who made it. However, we neglected to ask her name.)

NAB - 2 Flat, 7" round basket: This basket was woven by Melinda Jocguin and was purchased at the gift shop on the Main Reservation at Quijotoa, Arizonia in March of 1988.

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