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DeGrazia Creations

DeGrazia Ceramic Figurines

While living in Arizona we became enthused about the works of Ted DeGrazia, an artist from Tucson. He was an artist who drew and painted pictures of the early missionaries and the atrocities which happened to the Indians when the first explorers came to the area. As time went on he became more interested in the Indian children and turned his attention to picturing them.

In later years Goebel, from West Germany, started making ceramic replicas of these children which soon became popular collector's items. His pictures were printed in lithograph form, in a limited quantity so that they are numbered, and his "children" became an annual Christmas ornament also produced by Goegel.

The Artist and his work: (as printed on one of the brochures) "The legendary artist Ted DeGrazia (1909-1982) was known the world over for his paintings of the Southwest. Indians, angels, cowboys on horseback, all were among his creations...but far and away the best known and loved were his solemn, dark-eyed children."

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