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Navajo Rugs for Sale

- Information from the book "Navajo Rugs" by Don Dedera

"Self esteem among societies is not uncommon, yet few of the world's cultures cling so tenaciously as Navajo Indians to the notion that they are a superlative people. Through long dismal decades they never lost their pride. Through revolutionary changes in geography, in climate, in economy, in politics, they prevailed as a people, retaining essential Navajo traits."

"Today they occupy longtime homelands, keep alive their own tongue, practice a religion based on harmony with nature, honor prehistoric family and clan customs, and exalt beautiful objects of individual creation."

"The Navajo weavers were and are, women. When the Navajos obtained sheep the men probably considered it beneath their dignity to sit around all day and take care of a flock of tame animals, so the sheep were given to the women and children to care for. Gradually the women came to own the sheep and it followed that if they owned the sheep then they owned the wool. So to a great extent the women became the Navajo weavers."

In a Phoenix Gazette article by Veronique de Turenne dated October 6, 1989, it states: "Thousands of hours can go into the making of a single Navajo rug. Wool preparation alone can take months. The weavings begin as rough, tangled fleeces are sheared from sheep each spring. The wool - greasy, smelly and imbedded with dirt - must be cleaned, carded, spun and dyed before it touches a loom. In recent years, Navajo rugs have transcended their folk craft status, and have really become a bargain in the fine art market."

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Navajo Woven Rug - Item NAR #1 - $350
Navajo Woven Rug - Item NAR #2 - $275


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