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      Cap Guns with Value by James Dundas  
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Die-Cast Automatic Cap Guns


Collectors have long searched for cast iron toy guns, but the die-cast guns from 1940-1950's are currently the most popular. It was the years between 1940 and 1950 which saw the transition of toy guns from cast iron to die-cast zinc.

The coming of WWII marked the end of cast iron toys in any quantity. Foundries turned their production to essential items and as early as 1940, iron for toys became scarce. Die-casting techniques, using cheaper metals such as stell and die-cast zinc were being perfected.

Interest in toy guns has grown tremendously in the past few years as baby boomers search for their childhood memories. Die-cast cap guns from the late 1940's through the 1970's are eagerly sought after for nostalgic reasons-- remember the smell of cap gun smoke from when you shot them off as a kid? Those born after 1945 have begun collecting the toys of their childhoods, and cap guns are at the forefront. Some of these die-cast cap guns are becoming very valuable.

(Ideas taken from the book "Cap Guns with Values" by James L. Dundas.)

Army: Hubley 1940 toy gun image   25 Jr: Stevens toy gun image    
TG-35 Army: Hubley 1940 $100 (Enlarge)
TG- 36-25 Jr: Stevens Includes Original Box $150 (Enlarge)
Pony Boy: Actoy 1950-1960 Pony Boy: Actoy 1950-1960
Left (Enlarge)
TG-38 Pony Boy: Actoy 1950-1960 $250
Right (Enlarge)
Cowboy Transition Cap Gun Balantyne 1940                      
TG-37 Cowboy Transition Cap Gun Balantyne 1940
12 inches - $150 (Enlarge)
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